Liege 2017 – Goodbye to Liege and Conference plans

Lipids extracts from our seal blubber samples, ready for organochloride pesticide (OCP) analysis.

Just like that, my time at the University of Liege has finished and I’m back at the Sea Mammal Research Unit in Scotland. I was successful in preparing all our grey seal blubber samples for analysis, and now we just need to wait for the results from the Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

The spectacular Liege Guillemins railway station, waiting for my ride home!

machines. We will hopefully get all our results by July, and in the meantime I will get back to the bichemical analysis of the samples from the tissue culture experiments on the Isle of May last year. My last few days in Liege flew by, a whirl of labwork, tasty Belgian fries and one last trip to Masion du Peket to enjoy their delicious drinks!


Weaned grey seal pups interacting on the Isle of May

We’re not just focusing on labwork here on the PHATS team however. We’ve been working hard on analysing our data and are now ready to start getting our science out there! We’ll hopefully be attending conferences this year to present our findings, and if you are interested in our work do come and find us at the below venues. I will also hopefully be presenting some of my work on the hormone oxytocin and it’s affects on bonding, social and maternal behaviour in seals. While the blog will be on hiatus until we return to the field in October, we will update it when we attend or present at conferences, or if we publish any papers on our work so watch this space!

Upcoming conferences:

30th July – 4th August: Behaviour 2017 (ASAB summer meeting & 35th International Ethological Conference)

22nd – 27th October: 22nd Biennial Conference on the Biology of Marine Mammals (Society for Marine Mammology)

Study seals Alpha, Kilo and Hotel on the Isle of May, 2016


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