This is an abbreviated, simplified version of my CV, if you are interested in the full version please contact me.

Current Position:

Associate Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Evolution the Centre for Biological Diversity, University of St Andrews

Publications: Please see this page.


2010-2014: PhD awarded at the University of St Andrews (thesis title: The role of oxytocin in the maternal behaviour of the grey seal (Halichoerus grypus).

2004-2008: Undergraduate degree at Durham University (BSc Zoology with Industrial Placement, 1st class Honours).

Research Skills:

  • Validated and can successfully run ELISAs and RIAs to detect hormones in a variety of biological samples from different wildlife speices.
  • Trained in using explant approaches to study fat cells in culture.
  • Experienced in the use of biochemical analysers to detect a variety of metabolic parameters (e.g. glucose, lactate, glycerol and NEFA concentrations).
  • Trained in extraction of persistant organic pollutants (POPs) from fat tissue and preparing samples for GC-MS analysis.
  • Developed ethograms and collected extensive behaviorual data from terrestrial and marine mamamls.
  • Designed and conducted social recogntition tests involving wild, untrained seals.
  • Familiar with the statistical modelling programme ‘R’ and conducting analyses such as linear regression models, generalised additive models (GAMs) and mixed models.
  • Created and maintain two science outreach websites:
    1. A public outreach science website about my own work with a blog and associated twitter feed (this website and @KJRScience).
    2. The website for the Scottish Oceans Institute ‘Early Careers Network’ (

Field Experience

  • Extensive experience living and working on remote island field sites around Scotland (eight +6 week seasons over eight years).
  • Boat experience spotting large and small cetaceans for acoustic and behavioural studies (approximately 6 months total, across projects in Australia, Boston and Florida).
  • Trained in handling wild phocid seals and small cetaceans, including stranding responses.
  • Conducted photographic surveys and matched photographs to generate individual ID catalogues of humpback whales and grey seals.
  • Experienced photographer in terrestrial and boat based field conditions.
  • Trained in necropsy technique for seals and small cetaceans.
  • Engaged in public outreach and education during boat tours into American marine protected areas.